Last night at the latest Guyana upRISE’in

I have very little interest in constitutional reform
not that i think/know it’s not needed but it has never been something that i think about when i study the landscape for targets
but ah been to this thing last night to hear mostly but also to see who showed up
there were a handful of people under 40
a small hand
most of the folks in there have grand children and great grands
not knocking the great & grand just pointing out the obvious
surprisingly to me the place was packed

many of the ususl suspects you’d expect at a Moray House affair
except for smashing i dont really bother mself too much with class but i’ve been observing the divide in dear land of guyana
rise is like parking metre movement 2 point oh 🙂
well meaning folks abd some know me too
but their world is not the average guyanese reality
bridging that divide is step one two three and maybe four

i was extremely tired from working
yep. dats how my coins arrive
cause of that and the luke warm reformist presentations i caught myself dozing off
everyone said good stuff
all theoretical
educate the sheeple
reach out to the youth
make the political whores listen
this is our scuntry
post racial kumbaya can we all get along
god bless social cohesion in tye name of this here oil that about to get all awe rich if we dont murder each other come 2020 fighting over who own it

i heard all the main presenters and left
really wanted to ketch the ppp apnu afc agent provocateurs
but my body needed rest so that i could have the energy to rise up next day for sun up to sun down fun

contrary to what i heard before
is not a political party
a negro was darting back & forth mumbling i’m not your negroe over & over
had on a shirt & tie
spot him at the head table later and asked a chap who is dat crazy mofo?
which one?
dat crazy one dere
oh dats don singh. you ain know de don?
de don?! he itAliano? naah never heard dat name before but i ain think he too righted upstairs. keep yuh eye pon he

maybe my constitution not built to stomach reform but with big negroes inc fully entrenched on both sides of the curry pot watching liza
something will rise

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