living out your faux gangster fantasies like a REAL guyana man

Lots of Guyanese unfortunately do not have a problem with illegalities as long as yuh doan get ketch and mess up yuh “good name”
on the political side
i’ve long concluded that most citizens and big negroes inc NEVER had a problem with the PPP
the problem most had was not being in on the rackets with negroes like jagdeo et al
if yuh tink ah lie, you too are caught up in a whirlwind of fantasies
but reality has a way of disrupting fantasies

i dont want to talk about china scholarship agronomist bank robber
but he is now the talk of the town
dead living out his al pacino dreams
but many dreams are nightmares waiting to unfold

shame & disgrace on the family is all that matters
dont let that happen at all

live free or die trying
it’s the alternative national anthem
sung in low & high places
see some apnu afc boys in full hussle & flow mode
and some of the girls too

but don’t let me stop you from living out your PPP inculcated faux gangster fantasies
be freedumb
“bun out bad mine”
dem nah waan see you shine

the police boys are happy
killing times are here again
soon to be fully endorsed by the green and yellow crew
backs against the wall
bogged down with social cohesion & the clock ticking to 2020

the only thing missing is the red
in the name of crime fighting
blood will run in the streets again

2 responses to “living out your faux gangster fantasies like a REAL guyana man”

  1. hmm good blog

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