Cultivating whorish behaviour in guyana 

i dont know when it happened and neither can i expertly diagnose the problem
but i know we’ve skipped into a zone of sickening whorish behaviour across this land
and it’s got a death grip on the masses
many seem to love it, embrace & cultivate it
forget the asses on top for now
i.e big negroes inc & co
their whoredom is beyond english

observe little things
man meets woman
woman sizes up potential
man gets a credit request shortly there after without foreplay
a random encounter passing barely known jokers
hey ah gon tek two cold ones bai
am sure you will
the scores of children
some in school uniform walking and begging and lying for money

a chap told me once a little girl used to come to his house begging for money
so i asked what did you do?
is nah wuh ah do is wuh ah didnt do
arent you ashamed of yself?
no! is me money she come fuh she cant get it jus suh fuh free

the whorish behaviour of guyana men is legendary but it doesnt affect the same as seeing it from the opposite sex
cause i know 9.9 times out of ten dem young girls headed for exploitation & pain
for some men whoring behaviour is an opportunity
an opening to practice their predatory fantasies

and again
education, class, race, place of origin, family history etc all play into how you will or wont conduct yself
what you will or wont do for two beers or a chicken fried rice
what you will or wont do to survive the hard guava season

women have to take responsibility for how they dress their children
my first controversial statement for 2017
or how they allow their children to dress
and men too
the ones who’re still around taking care of their children
sexual violence against boys & girls in this scuntry is a national shame
and no one likes to talk about it
except the men you run into boasting about which lil girl they “bruk out”
and it’s the reason i stopped going to football in guyana
i once was in the middle of a group of grown men talking about raping the boys on junior football teams
it was excited gaff for them
if i had a gun they’d probably all die right there

poverty is violence
yesterday i saw a girl 14 years old on the road
her skirt was too short to cover her underwear and her top too small to cover her breasts
no bra
somebody’s poor child stepping out on the world
the men down the road smiled in preparation

has there been an edict passed in guyans that store girls and office ladies shorten and tighten their clothes?
to the point when you struggle watching them try to breathe

and for those wanting to know more
this is an east indian girl in the deep country
all are consumed in the fire

run tell dat

5 responses to “Cultivating whorish behaviour in guyana ”

  1. Not sure I have the stomach to join your class in Cultural Studies. But keep the field reports coming. For what impact they might have, wherever, whenever .

  2. Balwant Bhagwandin Avatar
    Balwant Bhagwandin

    Sad, sad, sad. What does it matter if the 14-year old is east indian or not when the spread of sewage is universal in the society?

  3. should write about how guyanese worship american culture and love the white devil

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