List of Guyana companies qualified to provide services to Exxon Mobil

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To pacify the local black gold dreamers Exxon Mobil ran an add and I immediately fell out laughing. 

Whitey yuh too too cruel.

ExxonMobil is seeking contractors for support services for helicopter operations, maintenance and ground services. Also being sought are support services for platform supply vessels, multi-purpose intervention vessel and tanker assist tugs.

It is also seeking freight forwarding services such as packing, transport, clearance and expediting of materials to and from major international locations, Guyana and Trinidad. ExxonMobil is also seeking to rent or purchase offshore cargo baskets and containers. It is also in the market for the provision and inspection of lifting rigging and slings.

Exxon is covering its ass and you can never accuse it of not advertising locally 🙂

The advert further goes on to say, companies can be registered in guyana or any caricom country. Well is hey de laff get moe outta control.

There are two caricom countries with extensive oil & gas experience. One to the east and the other north north west and is business dem white people come fuh run not build your non existent local capacity.

I know of a local airline rep who received the stack of papers from Exxon to see if they might be able to offer Exxon something aviation side.

The chap hold he head & bawl. Page one eliminated dem from the race.

Watch dem locals oil and gas husslaz who see they lotta ticket blowing in the wind start holla & protest jus now. Negroes refuse to learn.

A new breed of local entrepreneurs will emerge to mop up the tears of the negroe oil dreamers.

The penultimate para from yesterday says

unless you plan on drinking petroleum channel your energies in creating and producing or you will perish after the dream is over

Look like nightmares are about to dominate the dreamscape in this sequel. 
dream architecture in turmoil
fear anxiety sadness despair distress
quickly leading to post traumatic stress didorder
but amidst the broken dreams
new possibilities emerge

Oneirology is a field rich for exploitation with numerous possibilities and permutations in this here Guyana.

look further down the horizon
beyond the rigs
open seas & blue skies
balance your competing interests
return to equilibrum or discover it

2 responses to “List of Guyana companies qualified to provide services to Exxon Mobil”

  1. […] via List of Guyana companies qualified to provide services to Exxon Mobil — mark jacobs lives! […]

  2. Well said, Mark. I have bad-bad feelings about this Exxon deal that I haven’t been able to express in words.

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