Bharrat Jagdeo is not the only ganja hypocrite in guyana. see joe Harmon

these sorry lying negroes is all am gonna say

back in the day versus now

[] – A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) has not shut out the possibility of legalizing marijuana and will be looking to convene a research panel into the issue once it is voted into government.

This is according to the coalition’s General Secretary, Joseph Harmon who told reporters on Friday, February 06 that the existing legislation surrounding the use of marijuana needs to be reviewed.

Harmon said that at present, such a move would be imperative given that many young men are behind bars for possession of small amounts of marijuana and this should not be.

In that regard, he said that the partnership is “committed to reviewing the law and these offences and the way they are dealt with by Magistrates.”

The General Secretary noted that the world is moving in a certain direction whereby several States have taken steps to decriminalize marijuana and Guyana should not be left behind.

“The world is moving in a certain direction and we need to take cognizance of certain world trends” he said.

He said that APNU would be willing to commission a study on the ramifications of partially legalizing or completely legalizing the use of marijuana. He said that an APNU government would be advised on what steps to take by the Commission.

“We are committing to a review of the law as it relates to the use and sentencing policy or marijuana” noted Harmon making it clear that the coalition will not take the same steps that has been adopted by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration.

The PPP/C administration has made it clear in the past that it will not be taking any steps towards the legalization of marijuana in Guyana.

During a post-cabinet press briefing on Thursday, Minister of State Joseph Harmon affirmed that decriminalising the use of this substance is not on its immediate radar. He, instead, has laid that responsibility at the feet of the Judiciary, stating that the matter of sentencing lies within the purview of the Judiciary.
“With respect to decriminalisation of marijuana, that is not a matter that is engaging our immediate attention. What we have (is) a motion in the National Assembly by one of our members about the sentencing policy with regard to marijuana,” he explained.

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  1. […] Harmon is the Judiciary can decide how to apply the offences. This view is different from when Minister Harmon was in opposition when he seemed to share similar views to the current Leader of the […]

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