Pakaraima flavours will be a financial loss for Amerindians & Paramakatoi

i find suresh narine the head of IAST to be a professional scamp man who is finding ways to keep himself relevant now that govt has changed
how a man can run our premier science and research institution living in canada mystifies me. but let’s forget that
i’ve been following along this tomato thing in kaieteur news and the press. from the little initially i know that it would be a failure and a financial disaster for the farmers

will do more on this later but unless others can show me different this will be another white elephant
check the numbers
this project is supposed to set a new path for the residents besides mining, logging etc
a new sustainable path but i dont see how this project will. the numbers dont lie

guyana minimum wage $50,000
farmers participating in co-op – 58
price being paid to farmers for raw tomato – $20 per pound [that’s guyana dollars]
commercial tomato cultivation in usa averages about 3200 – 5700 plants per acre depending on spacing
my assumption is at least one acre has to be in cultivation from month one with scheduled rotation of at least 4 sets of cultivation at at least one acre each set total [all farmers cultivation combined to maintain continuous production annually]

let’s assume paramakatoi uses 5700 plants per acre as some of the big industrial farms in usa and europe
assuming a good yield of 20lbs per month once plant comes into production. generally 3-4 months depending on variety
5700 x 20 pounds = 114,000 lbs per acre per month
at 20$ per lb that equates to $2,280,000 divided by 58 farmers you get $39,310.34 each
note no deductions for expenses are made in these calculations

5700 plants / 58 = 98 plants per farmer
assume you double that and maintain 20lbs per plant production each farmer would receive $78620.68 in a perfect scenario

amerindians have to come to self sufficiency but i dont see it happening with this project
this is more about suresh narine and his ego than the people of paramakatoi
if he had any dignity he would relinquish this post as iast ceo and move on. let someone else guide this institution
will keep following this story but i dont see this making economic sense as presently constituted

i hope am proven wrong


This project could and probably will do well for suresh Narine and co. But unless there is plants for profit sharing, this is a share cropper like operation for paramakatoi. Slavery under a new disguise

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