X lives! City councilors in city hall of Porto Alegre argue because of councilwoman’s wearing of a Malcolm X T-shirt

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: A full 52 years after his death, human rights icon Malcolm X is alive and well in the hearts thousands, if not millions of Afro-Brazilians. A few months ago, this blog featured a story in which various famous rappers spoke of the influence of Malcolm X in their lives, lyrics and militancy. Needless, the image of the former Nation of Islam spokesman is still a powerful one that conjures up different things for different people. Over the years, countless Afro-Brazilians I know personally have pointed to the words of the slain African-American leader in the awakening their consciousness of what it means to be black in an anti-black world. Due to Malcolm’s visionary view of the world and the place of African descendants in it, his name has appeared in numerous previous articles on this blog. And judging from the commotion that…

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