Anil Nandlall has lost his mind – Jinnah Rahman #guyana

Anyone who has a modicum of intelligence who reads the following statement issued by Anil Nandlall will conclude that this fellow has loss his mind, even at the age of 44 years: “I requested that… and the State granted it because when I took this job, I took it at a loss of income, that I was earning much more and part of the package which I negotiated was the payment of my subscription for the law books,” he said.

I have long lost RESPECT for people who call themselves politicians (especially the ones in Guyana) and the public certainly have no FAITH in them also. This man used our money – Public funds – and now claims that he would not return it. That we have to spend millions in legal cost to reclaim what is rightfully the Peoples’s property.

Nandlall argued that the State cannot produce any document showing that it paid for his law books. What utter nonsense. He treats all of us like idiots ! The fact is that the books were bought by the government – using public funds. This a fellow, who wants to manage the affairs of Guyana – at the highest level in government – is SHAMELESSLY being supported by JAGDEO and certain key elements in the PPP, like Donald Ramotar.

In a conversation with Sir Fenton Ramsahoye, our first Attorney General – in the pre-independence PPP-managed government, some years ago, he told me that all the Ministers in the Jagan-led PPP government were persons of excellent CHARACTER. He said that “Jagan was a very honest man, who did not steal a cent from the treasury”. The political elements of today have NO CHARACTER, when compared with past public officials.

Another public figure, Freddie Kissoon, the well-known Kaieteur newspaper columnist, took away the books from the Georgetown Public library and claimed that he was too poor to buy them, What utter rubbish ! A man steals public property and in his defence he pleads, POVERTY. Most of us came from poor families – but we did not steal to get a good education. We worked in the field and worked as youths in the rice fields with our parents and did numerous other tasks.

Nandlall – in trying to justify his action of taking away public property questions the “logic behind the State spending millions of taxpayers’ monies to prosecute him for law reports now valued at US$2,000. He suggested the most the State could do “is to file a civil claim to recover the monies that they have paid. The State has no connection to those law books either by title or otherwise.”

What we see playing out in the public gallery is UTTER ARROGANCE and NOT AN OUNCE of REMORSE or respect for the people of Guyana. When one reads aspects of the Reports of some of the 50 Forensic Audits that were carried out by reputable auditors commissioned by the Coalition government, Nandlall’s misdemeanor, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Nandlall has OPENLY condemned the current Granger Administration of “witch-hunting” PPP elements, rather than condemning the massive corruption that went on during the PPP mismanagement of the country. In fact, he goes all out defend the perpetrators, in the interest of JUSTICE. He has no moral character, as Chatree. Hinduism means nothing to him.

Nandlall now accuses Basil Williams – the current Attorney General, of being vindictive. Knowing Basil, there might be some element of truth in that – but that is not the point. Mr. Williams would be lacking in his duty and responsibility to condone any form of theft or corruption that comes to his attention.

Basil Williams, like all of us, has a legal and moral responsibility to report to the appropriate authorities any wrongdoing committed by any citizen – regardless of who that person might be. The PPP is quick to condemn Mr. Forbes Burnham for framing laws that are DICTATORIAL and UNDEMOCRATIC, but when it suits them they have used those same LAWS to their personal advantage.

I would be least surprised if Nandlall seeks “cover” under former President Donald Ramotar “PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY” protection Laws , which are enshrined in the Constitution of Guyana. Nandlall has already stated that Ramotar had given him permission to buy the books, but the catch is : ” not to take away for his personal use” !

The self-professed Marxist-Leninist, Donald Ramotar, a former editor of the Communist International Journal, would know that real communist do not abuse the laws of his or her country. Nandlall, a self-professed multi-millionaire – perhaps a BILLIONAIRE, is behaving like a miser. He claims that he did not need to work, since he owns large amount of properties in the city of Georgetown. Then, why is he now claiming that he took the books, because of “loss of earnings”.That does not make sense to anyone.


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