forget ganja, guyana govt won’t even legalize industrial hemp!

i say and i say again
big negroes cannot and will not free you
big negroes sole purpose is to be junior massas

Acknowledging those in favour of industrial hemp in Guyana is having a “more vocal lobby,” Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said the UN Drugs Organisation and Guyana’s laws still consider hemp a narcotic and prohibited drug. While the only way cultivation of hemp would be permitted is if the law is amended, Harmon indicated that government was not in a hurry to do so.
“This is not huge priority for the government at this point in time because we are still fighting drugs in Guyana. We are still identified by many countries as a transshipment point for narcotic drugs and, therefore, we have to ensure the way the world sees us is not as a narcotic states and we have to be very careful about how are branded and how people see us,” he said when asked by Demerara Waves Online News.

do you know this same govt through a jokey agri minister named noel holder got people travelling the country promising poor people and farmers hemp will be legslised?

but maybe there is an ethnic calculus since guyana hemp association got a few big straight hair negroes at the forefront

you’re never far away from a racial olympic showcase in chicken curry pot scuntry

there’s also the freaks from the mosques, mandirs and churches whispering in the ears of these big negroes about society’s emminent downfall & the curse of god if free people are ALLOWED to smoke ganja.

wont be long before they blame the rapes, buggering and skullduggery in their houses of “worship” on evil 2nd hand ganja smoke

big negroe fundamentalist ideologies planted in his head and his embrace of foolishness must be fought on all fronts

big negroes will set you free of your mind sending your body and soul back into slavery
big negroes will set you free of your mind

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