PPP criminal agents destroying APNU AFC from within – see suzanne bullen

i’ve said from day one that all these ppp criminals in senior places should be fired or sent home and i even created a shortlist
look carefully it says Guyana gold board, ceo and board at number 3
others tend to disagree following the peace reconciliation and social cohesion route
as we sink deeper in the mud, those who have eyes will see that the ppp criminals who are still trolling the corridors of power are sabotaging APNU AFC and continuing their dirty tricks
Granger, Nagamootoo et at are have created the ministry of social cohesion instead of purging from their ranks these criminals

isnt it great to know that the legal officer of guyana gold board is listed as an officer of the gold company that has defrauded the same guyana gold board billions?

i sure think so
this is fabulous stuff
we should not veer from this path of cohesiveness where we cuddle criminals

suzanne bullen was brought in as compliance officer at gold board in the dying moments of the ppp in 2014
she is responsible for anti mone laundering and compliance at the guyana gold board
this irony is too cruel
if you think someone without sworn loyalties to jagdeo and freedumb house could hold such a position
your dreams and delusions will carry you far
and like jennifer webster, this negroe was doing the bidding of jagdeo and the other negroes in the ppp

but in the name of cohesion & the negroe quest for everlasting love let’s move on
there is a junior minister currently caught up in illegal land sales & underhand rackets
her most trusted advisers are ppp criminals
but we’re entering a new realm
let not your soul b troubled

two years later the oil minister says today they are scrutinising the criminals
the end is nearer than you think
run tell dat 😉

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