sad suicidal features of Oma Devi Nathoo’s story #corentyne #guyana

you must never escape the political angle of these stories
there’s no corner of our society our racial olympics has not touched upon
this is sad all around and shows how much the freedumb house monsters carved a trail of death and destruction across the land in their 23 year reign of terror
they did manage to destroy EVERYTHING
down to the people
there are others who dont like to hear this but they are will fully ignorant and maybe even deliberately stupid
i have no time for negroes who refuse to use brain or face reality
no time

Lover of alleged killer says…“I could have been dead just like his wife”

five sad and telling features of this story i see

  1. she graphically refers to her stomach churning like gramaxone when she heard the news. sounds like she knows a lot about suicide. quite a weird reference. normal people don’t know what gramaxone feels like in the stomach. granted she is from the suicide belt

“You know like when people drink gramoxone? Meh feel like meh stomach a turn and scrape. I grieve when I hear he kill she. Meh stomach start cut meh up”.

2. immediate uncertainty

“Men binna wonder if he buy it for some other gal or something; that’s why meh keep asking and eventually he get fed up like and he give me the ring fuh wear.”

3. she arrived with a shortage of clothes. poverty

Balack also told her that if she ever needed anything to wear she could wear his wife’s clothing.

4. she had a two week honeymoon before violence started

She said that they relationship was a good one for the remainder of December but in January of 2017, that changed.

5. she sees herself as property once taken from her parents home. in many of these domestic violence cases another repeating theme is women who cannot return home or who are returned by parents and family to abusers.

“He tek meh as wan wife, so me had to stay.” Nathoo said

poverty is violence

this from this totally unrelated

i’ve always felt that the PPP is holding large numbers of east indians hostage in Guyana and the same can be said of Amerindians who are held almost as if they are property of freedumb house. and maybe in the minds of the flightless birds of robb street, they are. and in the manner they slap them, rape them and mis-treat them little is left to the imagination.
but a more proper definition of what east indians are suffering under would be stockholm syndrome as coined by Swedish psychiatrist and criminologist Nils Bejerot.

jagdeo and his negroes are still in the business of capture bonding.

now that the police has freed the body of Oma Devi Nathoo who’s gonna free her mind?

3 responses to “sad suicidal features of Oma Devi Nathoo’s story #corentyne #guyana”


    1. which comment makes me a jackass?

      1. How can say that the police free her body but who is going to free her mind??
        Can you read properly she didn’t conspire with the man..if that is true she wouldn’t have free from the law.ok

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