Bharrat Jagdeo is not above the law – Jinnah Rahman

Jagdeo operated – not like a dignified President of Guyana, and that is why he believes that the current President, HE David Arthur Granger, is operating like him – a trickster and a “master at conspiracy theories”.

Granger is upright, he has no personal acts to grind. No one can accuse him of corruption, but there are questions about his sloth in taking actions against corruption, indolence and incompetence, which he has now begin to work on.

Mr. Harmon, the official spokesperson of the government, has outlined recently that the government will stamp out all forms laziness in the Public service and there will ACCOUNTABILITY at all levels of government.

The recent action to take the SARA (STATE ASSET RECOVERY AGENCY) Bill to the National Assembly is a big step in this direction and if the “doubting thomases” want more proof – here is it. I am tired of hearing that Mr. Granger is like Jagdeo. I never believed that and my conviction has come to pass.

When the President stated in his weekly TV broadcast this week that SOCU, an arm of the Guyana Police Force, should have acted “nicely” to Mr. Jagdeo, he did not mean that they must not question him. Far from it – the President went on to state that no one is above the law and if anyone is suspected of engaging in any wrongdoings, then, the accused must be questioned and the law-enforcing body must be allowed to do its job.

The PPP – JAGDEO, NANDLALL AND RAMOTAR – came on the airwaves after PPP officials were arrested (when they refused to go to SOCU offices) and accused the government of a “witch hunt” against the PPP – hoping to stir-up outrage, but no one took any notice of those “crying wolves” on the scene !

It was just a ploy by our erstwhile rulers to prevent a PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE INVESTIGATION. As the President has stated many times – “if you have done the crime, you must pay the time” ! No decent person will be upset with the President for making such a statement.

President Granger is called by another name Rtd. Brigadier David Arthur Granger – but he is not Forbes Burnham. He has said that many times and so Jagdeo and others must stop this nonsense of trying to malign the President for things that he was not responsible for and had no powers change. Jagdeo and Ramotar made out that the raid on his office – where they were waiting for SOCU – and the subsequent arrest was a dark day for Guyana and a return to the past.

This president has recognised that wrongs have been committed by people within all of our political, religious and social structures and he has established a certain framework to bring about the necessary changes in our society that will prevent those harmful things from happening again.

The President has established 2 Ministries – the Ministry of the Communities and the Ministry of Social Cohesion, which, if the Ministers and others who function within these two structures understand their individual and collective roles, their day to day duties and responsibilities – then a process will be put in train to heal wounds and create a better society for all of our people.

Bharrat Jagdeo and Anil Nandlall, in particular, are offering no leadership to this nation. Their continuous and daily battering of the government and its officials must be seen as a form of lunacy – not acting in the best interest of their own supporters, much more the rest of the population.

They used the media and the press to pump their daily poison to an uneasy and restless population – yearning for FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES – as has been promised by this government.
It is true that AGRICULTURE sector is a failure – under Noel Holder. The AFC, the Junior partner in the Coalition, does nothing to correct this situation. Agricultural Advocates, like myself, will not defence this GROSS INCOMPETENCE of Holder.

Nagamootoo, the Prime Minister, is reported to be “fed-up” with HOLDER’S approach, but he, as usual a good talker and not a doer. I have been calling on the President to sack Holder nearly a year ago. Now, that George Jervis, the former Permanent Secretary is gone, it is step in the right direction, but farmers need action to enable them to produce food for the nation.

The Promises to RE-ESTABLISH the Agriculture Bank (GAIBANK) – a MANIFESTO COMMITMENT – is a an unforgivable set back. The commercial banks and IPED – which Mr. Holder is recommending to farmers are charging high interest – preventing the development of agriculture and finding EMPLOYMENT for the long-term unemployed.

George Jervis was PPP a operative – who sabotaged the agricultural policies of this government. He carried his CROOKED ways of doing things,as he he did under the PPP rule. There are many others like him, who are remnants of the PPP regime. They who will continue to undermine this administration, if something is not done – DRASTICALLY – to bring them in-line.

We cannot allow the likes of Jagdeo to feed on discontent – when we know we can do far better. Someone needs to “bite the Bullet” and move those who are preventing PROGRESS IN GUYANA !

JAGDEO AND NANDLALL have the duty and responsibility to hold this government to account – but in a constructive manner not through ridicule and condemnation. They must come up with positive ideas and follow through with them to the very end.

But instead, they have orchestrated a PUBLIC CAMPAIGN of SABOTAGE and BOYCOTT – a “scorch earth” policy administered by Irfan Ali and his henchmen and women on the ground – using the NDC’s and Municipal authorities as their target base. They have been mandated to ensure that the government DOES NOT FUNCTION. Some PPP councillors have defied the instructions given by Irfan Ali’s uncle – Ayube Inshan, Deputy Leader of Region 3.
The Chairman of the Region 3 Council, Julius Faeber, claims that he has been paralyzed by the actions of the new Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikarran, who has severely restricted his fuel consumption.

Faeber seems to think that he has justifiable reasons not to do any work in the region, since Jaikaran has put the squeeze on him and has placed limits his “fancy lifestyle”.

Jaikarran can reasonably ask Faeber : “Prove to me that you are doing work in the region to uplift the living conditions of the people”? That question was put in other words to him, but Faeber chose not to answer. Faeber must know that All Public officials must be held accountable to the people – through established structures of accountability.

No one is above scrutiny. The public must get the opportunity to question their elected and appointed officials, as we now see taking place currently in the USA. It is democracy at work, which Guyana needs to follow.

Faeber’s PPP colleagues, Regional Councillors, are openly critical of his laid-back approach – a ” do nothing – good for nothing politician,” one of his PPP members told this writer.

Since Jaikarran’s belated appointed to the REO position, which was held by an incompetent PPP operative, Ronald Gajraj, he has made tremendous progress in areas of drainage, irrigation and other physical infrastructure, but has paid no attention to social and cultural engineering.

Jaikarran needs to quickly correct his lack of attention to this vital governmental initiative – the brain-child of Regional Member of Parliament and Minister of State, Joseph Harmon. Jaikarran lack of understanding of JOINT-GOVERNMENT and Public managerial skills needs to be buttressed by listening to activists in the community. He needs to consciously listen to and actively involve those professionals,who are more involved at the political and social level.

Now that he has appointed Ganesh Naipaul (Mahpaul), as his PR man, there can be no further excuses for not getting the necessary things in place to make the NDC’S function and deliver active and adequate services to ALL the people in the region.

It is shameful to see the state of the roads from Parika Junction to Lakaboo – gateway to Bonasika creek – completely neglected. Julius Faeber and his band of merrymen did nothing upkeep the roads and develop a permanent fixture . Mr. Ganesh Mahipaul is now “on the ball” and he has assured residents in the area that work will begin this week to clean up one of the many mess-up road structures left by the Jagdeo-Ramotar regime.


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