Guyana minister of agriculture noel holder is moving beyond joker

everytime i read the mad and assinine ramblings of this man i cringe
these old negroes left unchecked will set us back 1000 years
left unchecked!
and when they’re dead and gone
and they will die
we will be left on the plantation looking for dat north star all over again
but why wait?
noel holder is a disaster as minister of agriculture by any measure
he announced the closure of wales estate from his air cooled regent road office
fucking with the lives & economy of every village from la grange to vriesland and beyond
this big joker of a man made his announcement as if that’s all he had to do
three months later he still has no plan
his fruit orchards are idle chatter
the plan to move the cane from wales to uitvlugt by trailer will multiply west bank & west coast traffic jam by 1000
his tilapia farming has been shot down by the experts
so he is left with parcelling off the land for house and giving out plots for farming
financing? doesnt exist
and who fills the void til the first crop sells?
you aint getting it from holder salary and perks for sure

next day of course that straight hair negroe criminal bharrat jagdeo was at wales estate gate holding a rally
the faithful gathered to hear their new moses
jagdeo promised he will lead them to the promised land
only in upside down scuntry could the destroyer of guysuco promise to restore guysuco and people shout and holler his praises
but on the flip side is noel the joker
holder’s greatest accomplishment so far is attending every food and nutrition conference from rome to cochabamba since coming to office
google noel holder + food and nutrition if you think i lie
there is an old shadehouse taken over with grass outside the minister of agriculture office
if noel holder cant maintain the grass in that shade house and the grounds of the ministry of agriculture
in what epoch do you expect him to perform as agri minister?
you looking for miracles where none is to be had
stop dreaming and hoping this old negroe will find his line and length
it is over
he is adrift at sea without a paddle
another horrific incident about this tragedy of a man
he went to guyana school of agriculture graduation to give out certificates abd ramble about his cheese dreams
more on that some other time
his dreams are our nightmares
so he at gsa giving certificates and he tell the poor people chirren now that i have bestowed upon you this here piece of paper go out there and be entrepreneurs!
did the negro give them a loan?
did the negroe give them a pack of seeds?
did the negro give them a piece of land or machinery?
but he told these poor people chirren go out there and be entrepreneurs. shake up the world
did the negroe offer them a job?
you answer that

so am reading this joker and i realise sadly that he is meandering on down the line from joker to something else
they say you must respect your elders but elders like noel holder will kill us all
noel holder is fucking clueless! but some people dont like to hear me curse
to which i say
something off

Even though then majority opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) was against the initiative, Holder said a few months ago that the Coalition Government is still interested in the deal.
“Oh yeah, we are interested in MoUs with any government,” Holder declared.
The Minister went further to say, “In fact, we are offering interior lands to investors from any country at very low rental.”
Holder explained that the Guyana Government does not have the resources to construct roads, airstrips and other amenities to open up Guyanese interior, but with being offered cheap lands, investors should not have any problem with constructing the necessary infrastructure.
“If we have investors coming in here to utilize interior lands and so, they would have to put in all the basic amenities–light, water, roads, airstrips and so.”
This, Holder pointed out, would benefit the land of many waters, even decades after the investors leave.
“You see, they can make their money and leave, but they can’t take their development with them.”

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