AFC condemns Mayor Chase-Green for unwarranted attack on Sherod Duncan

The Alliance For Change is both alarmed and disturbed by reports that the Mayor of the City of Georgetown, Her Worship Patricia Chase-Green has sought to blame Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan for “taking misinformation to the public on the parking meter contract, and causing ‘civil unrest’” (, Feb. 13, 2017).

The party condemns, in the strongest possible terms, this unwarranted attack on Mr. Duncan. The Party wishes to remind the Mayor that since August 15, 2016, it has been a matter of public record that on the issue of paid metered parking in Georgetown, Mr. Duncan is the party’s spokesperson and is fully endorsed by the party on this matter.

Then party Leader Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan was reported in the August 15, 2016 edition of the Stabroek News as stating, “Sherod is dealing with that (paid metered parking contract), he speaks for the party on that matter.”

Mr. Duncan continues to be the party’s spokesperson on this issue.


Therefore, an attack on Mr. Duncan is, invariably, an attack on the AFC and the party takes a dim view of this and calls on the mayor to immediately withdraw her accusations, offer an unqualified apology, and take a more conciliatory approach towards resolving the issue of the widespread rejection of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC)/National Parking Systems(NPS)/Smart City Solutions (SCS) indecent and oppressive contract.

It is unquestionably the initial and continued secrecy, lack of transparency surrounding the contract, the bad negotiating, lack of consultation with the people and poor implementation which are among the main reasons for the widespread rejection of the paid metered parking initiative. It is the view of the party that it is in fact the Mayor along with the Town Clerk and those who were secretly involved in negotiating and signing off on this sordid contract who must take responsibility rather than seek to cast blame elsewhere.

On this the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the Cummingsburg Accord, the AFC reaffirms its commitment to the APNU+AFC Coalition and working towards achieving the good life for all Guyanese. The party however will not take lightly, disrespect and attacks such as that essayed by Mayor Green on its councilors, leaders or members.

The AFC re-commits to continuing its work in the M&CC through its duly elected councilors and with all parties to ensure that the citizens of our capital city are afforded the best representation and services.


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