a man called today to say some Guyana pirates paid him

this land is awash with injustice. i met a chap years ago who complained to all who would listen that a company he was working with owed him back wages and was not paying

i immediately kicked up a storm and didnt win any new friends

every now and then i would return to check up on the matter and kick up more storm

finally they conceeded defeat and agreed to pay the man

i forgot about it and life continued

today i got a call from the chap

you could feel the joy in his voice
this chap shares a shack with his wife and kids and was being denied close to a million in EARNED money

he said man i call you to say thanks i got that thing

i had no idea what he meant

what thing is that?

the money them people owed me

oh! they paid you? nice. is the money correct?

yes, yes. thanks ok

it’s yours bro enjoy it

when mother fuckers say you causing too much raucus tell them to F off

without raucus you’d be staring down the plantation gates moving at a slow march

some o you there already


it’s your best option

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