Umm Al-Hiran and Activism in the Era of Post-Truth

Bedouin women sit in front of their homes destroyed by Israeli terrorists

All this begs the question about how evidence is constructed, whether legal, media or otherwise? What and who has the power and authority to produce and present evidence? What can we learn from the fact that the witnesses that came forward for social media testimonies were Ashkenazi Jews? How can we use our positionality to form powerful assemblages with those we seek to defend? There were evidently plenty of Palestinian-Bedouins present who also saw and heard Yaqub Musa Abu al-Qi’an be shot before his car started rolling, uncontrollably, down the hill. Power and privilege obviously come into it, but there is so much more to what counts as evidence in the era of post-truth, and this has everything to do with the pragmatics of activism at such a Trumpeting time.

Source: Umm Al-Hiran and Activism in the Era of Post-Truth

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