the power of knowing people in guyana

i know one one people but not enough in the power circle to wield it
and even if i knew most or all those negroids it’s not within my constitutional to wield such
so i walk in a phone place to cut a sim card
am following a friend but am walking ahead of him
to the employee
excuse me you cut sim cards here?
how much is it?
ok what do i do?
ok. pay the cashier over there then get your receipt over there and take it to him there and he will do it for you
ok thanks
my friend intervenes
hi you remember me?
of course i do!
ok the boss in?
yes he is
ok take his phone and cut the sim card for him
am puzzled
the lady asks me for the phone and disappears
i wait as my friend visits the boss
the young lady returns with my phone sim installed and working then she explains a few phone things to me
how much was it?
nothing you dont have to pay
am pondering that as my friend emerges with the boss
mark meet my friend
hi mark
hi nice to meet you. did she charge you?
the girl
no she didnt
ok great

am guyanese but this is sometimes a strange outer body experience type uh country for me many times 🙂

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