post card from Guyana – de hymac bruk dung in de flood

rain falling place flood bring out old hymac dem find fuh clean de flooded trench bruk down in flood water opposite the last dictator first mansion government warn population to be careful since more rain and a fancy name high tide coming persons eat their losses throw away damaged appliances furniture food and clothes look on the bright side no deadly diseases floated in with the sewage this time govt officials smile and pat self on ass for issuing population late useless warnings
life goes on
repeat and rinse
over and over and over ah-effin ‘gain the end
is near

2 responses to “post card from Guyana – de hymac bruk dung in de flood”

  1. Always a pleasure reading your commentaries. Keep going!

  2. With the continuing melting ice caps, this situation will only worsen over time.

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