Sasenarine Singh as wife beater, Tacuma goes jugular

the letter section is where a lotta folks turn to when they want to extract blood
i dont know sasenarine except a few random jousting matches on facebook
the negro got his people connects but like dr ramaya you never know if he in out or making a return to the party
my canecutter philosopher friend john is the only person i know who reads sase articles
during backdam breaks john updates me on the self annointed liberal democrat

as of recent, sase has gone ballistic on Tacuma Ogunse
i know this wouldnt end nice after sase accused Tacuma of plotting Walter Rodney’s death
sase insinuated in no uncertain terms that one of Rodney’s confidants helped to kill him
fresh off that he accused Tacuma of drawing down 8 million annually in salary plus perks

i met Tacuma a few moons back and we have some heated arguments. we have agreed on 37% of the topics discussed
i know where he works and i know he rides a bicycle with a plastic bag on the seat
if he collected 8 million in salary plus perks he must be hiding it under his pillow

Tacuma turned jaguar and rip out sase jugular and windpipe with his latest letter

I call on him to tell the nation what is his position on domestic violence? Is he prepared to give us an assurance that he is not a wife beater?

but am willing to hazzard a guess
the liberal democrat wont die and his quill ain dry
the next time he picks it up, am sure we will be regaled about matters domestic punctuated by tears of a woman
call me gambler

2 responses to “Sasenarine Singh as wife beater, Tacuma goes jugular”

  1. No, friend, I’ll call you an idle shit-stirrer, wid nutten fe do wen de day come, so you let your attention be dragged down to the lowest common denominator. Keep it up for our entertainment.

    1. too bad you are too busy to participate

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