Guyana Chronicle a propaganda arm of exxon mobil?

raphael trotman is not the only one getting moist in bed with exxon mobil
the oilers looks to have bought off some scribes over at guyana chronic as well

the oxygen defying depths to which the weed men at chronic are diving is reminiscent of the not so glorious days when the ppp were occupying govt buildings. oh wait, the chronic was the tip of the media spear back then. they have experience
ooks ike order has been restored at chronic with the new christian elite at the wheel

To date, he said, the company has pumped US$700M into the project, with US$100M spent locally. In the 3rd quarterly report submitted to the Government, he said, it was indicated that 670 persons were working on the project here, 325 of whom were Guyanese. Additionally, it was pointed out that the company would have received invoices from 115 Guyanese suppliers, who have been supplying fuel, food, accommodation, security, waste management, medical and aviation services. “The local content is going to expand,” he further assured.

even by Guyana Chronic standards this is deep sea diving low and am not gonna say nothing about dem employment crystal figurines

i challenge anyone at chronic or exxon to further break down where exxon mobil has spent 20 billion Guyana dollars in this economy. this sum represents about 9% of 2016 budget of 230 billion.
if we drinking rum
national past time
and talking scunt
core religion
leh we drink rum and talk scunt

guyana has a literacy rate of 87.2%
down from 95.3%
rum til i die
sugar and rice will make a comeback in 2017
she seh she didn’ luv meh
an datz de reason why

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