another Guyana suicide?

it’s 7am and am checking my phone
Tired bro. Think i giving up

came in at 535am
he’s not my fren fren but i know him from jerries watching football
he’s been calling me steady as of recent to talk
two days we met and he said bro ah feelin low!

we talked forva while over beers and football. 

he said he giing home. halfway there he stopped me and jumped out the car. 

he’s called a few times since then that message. and this

I facing some stuff for four yrs that wont go away. I rather die than live like this

out goes the daily to do list and am waiting on 4g to find the suicide hotline #

2 responses to “another Guyana suicide?”

  1. Sorry about your news. Everyday we brush shoulders with people who are facing difficult times. Be the hand the brother needs. A big hug.

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