how many black lives did Barack Obama save?

question of the day
how many black people were not shot cause barack obama was in the white house?
think about it seriously as you seek hillary’s deliverance

2 responses to “how many black lives did Barack Obama save?”

  1. Great question, Mark. I’ve just finished reading Cornel West’s book, BLACK PROPHETIC FIRE (Beacon Press, 2014). Here’s what West had to say in his conclusion on the Black Prophetic Tradition in the Age of Obama:

    “The state of Black America in the age of Obama has been one of desperation, confusion, and capitulation. The desperation is rooted in the escalating suffering on every front. The confusion arises from a conflation of symbol and substance. The capitulation rests on an obsessive need to protect the first Black president against all forms of criticism. Black desperation is part of a broader desperation among poor and working people during the age of Obama…”

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