another minibus massac – Jerry is dead

my friend just call me to report another minibus massac
i dont call these things accidents they are not
and this one is ugly like the rest before
nismes west bank public road
one dead. mangled bodies everywhere
jerry is dead
underage driver working on a license bought from the guyana police force
this must end
we must stop it

it’s only the other day we were talking about this thing again and he scribbled six points we ought to discuss with the new commissioner acting and the traffic chief

1. get a proper count of all licenses in the system
2. use task force to check licenses
3. order re-licensing of all commercial drivers {hire cars, minibus, trucks]
4. conduct daily check at parks
5. enforce minibus licensing age [limit number of hours worked per day]
6. task force should not be totally police officers

the police has a task force running about the place setting up road blocks and doing lots of foolishness on the roads. this solves nothing
almost every driver under 35 in Guyana has bought a drivers license from a police officer
the bus drivers and taxi drivers drag racing along the west bank and other public roads are all under age to be driving commercially and have little to no experience driving
most do not know how to read or follow basic rules
to weed out these lunatics the system must be overhauled
like the gun licenses system, all must be checked and verified for authenticity
the police must be removed from issuing drivers licenses and wild and crazy drivers must be banned from the roads
you cannot be allowed to drive public transport after you’ve been involved in accidents and wildness on the roads

either we have rules or we have madness
the latter has been dominant for too long

One response to “another minibus massac – Jerry is dead”

  1. Sorry that you’ve lost your friend.

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