who are you & what brings you here?

i dont feel no way dat people dont know me when they see me
makes for interesting encounters
hi hello
we met before?
i dont know you tell me
what brings you here?
the board meeting
oh you delivering something?
no not really. i am on the board
no seriously

act 2. scene 1
hi hello
how may i help you?
just checking. never been to this side of the building do you need?
nothing. just checking
who are you?
mark what? from where
jacobs. west bank
you work here or something what you want?
but why are you looking?
no reason in particular
so what you doing here?
attending the board meeting
board meeting
you on the board of directors?
something like that
sir am sorry
it’s ok
i’m really sorry
dont panic.see you around

One response to “who are you & what brings you here?”

  1. Mark, you gotta do something about the way you dress for board meetings 🙂

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