mark how much do you think i worth?

mark how much do you think i am worth?
how much do i think you are worth?
yea. how much you think i worth?
but i cant determine how much you worth
tell me what you think
no, no, no, i cant do that
ok. here wuh i need a loan. how much you think i worth
but you have to determine that

is this for me or you think i might know someone?
i want you tell me
i don’t know
you think i worth a two million, maybe a four?
2 million!!! i can tell you i don’t have two and certainly not four
so you don’t think i worth…
i not telling you what you worth or not worth. i ain got two million
ok so what you think i should do?
let me think about it
so you want me call you?
but i ain got your number though
ok i gon call you then
you got my number?
so how you gon call me?
ok write it down
don’t fool me you know. call me
i ever fool you?
ok. call me
ok my millionaire

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