Koffi Olomide jailed in Congo for kicking woman. permanently banned from Kenya

a most interesting case coming out of the motherland
this jackass kicked one of his dancers at jomo kenyatta airport
all caught on camera [am not linking]
you must know koffi is a huge star in africa and the diaspora, but he is also a jackass
was a bit perturbed that he was just deported from kenya
but things took a turn for the better when he arrived back in Kinshasa thinking he was off the hook

Congolese General Prosecution has charged Rhumba Maestro Koffi Olomide to serve one year in jail having been found guilty of assaulting one of his female dancers in Kenya.

rather interesting that the authorities in kinshasa charged him with a crime committed in kenya even though he would later parade the woman on vide saying it was a misunderstanding
this idiot also has a masters degree in mathematics. shows that you can be an educated jackass
Kenya’s Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki looked into the matter and later announced that koffi was banned from kenya PERMANENTLy

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