donald trump 45th president of the united states

i think i know more about america and american politics than most people
not boasting or nothing just the facts
and am telling yall, bar a miracle donald trump will be the 45th president of those united states
it was clear as day for me for a long time
there’s nothing special about americans or nothing new about the lunatic fringe
trump just cobbled all the pieces together and galvanised the fringe into a lynch mo
remember ariana miyamoto?
he’s been mad a long time and displaying it
just like a good american šŸ˜‰
sit back and watch this nightmare become real

2 thoughts on “donald trump 45th president of the united states

  1. Mark, here in the US we have characterized him as a buffoon for so long that his victory has caught us unprepared. Your photo selection reveals the man behind the mask and his contempt for those who stand against him.

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