Climate Disruption: Is ExxonMobil victim of its own deception?

What about the people of Guyana? What environmental risks do they face in the not too distant future?

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ExxonMobil Web of Climate Denial

ExxonMobil Web of Climate Science Denial
Photo Credit: DeSmogBlog

In spite of scientific consensus worldwide that we must transition to cleaner forms of energy and to keep fossil fuel reserves in the ground, ExxonMobil shows no sign of winding down its oil and gas explorations. In May 2015, they announced a significant oil discovery in the Stabroek (Guyana) block about 120 miles (193 kms) offshore. What elation for the newly-elected Guyana government! For a poor developing country, the prospect of oil riches seems a lifeline.

This month, the great news circulated across the fossil fuel industry. “The United States Geological Survey ranks Guyana-Suriname as the world’s second-most prospective, underexplored offshore basin, with an estimated 13.6 Bbbl of oil and 32 tcf of natural gas yet to be discovered,” declared the Offshore Magazine on July 7, 2016.

The article further stated that: “ExxonMobil is reportedly moving Liza [exploration well…

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  1. Thanks for sharing my article, Mark.

    1. thanks you Rosaliene 🙂

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