Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in the name of ‘honour’ #pakistan

never heard of qandeel until now
but there are some real mad fucking people out there
guess she found her niche posting ‘raunchy’ pics online and got lots of attention in the process fame, celebrity and maybe some money
am kinda surprised she stayed living in pakistan
check out these last couple tweets two days ago

sometimes you know without knowing what’s about to come next


this about sums it all up
pathetic little fuckers

Indian Express: Baloch was an Internet sensation, one of the top 10 most searched people in Pakistan and though there were many who condemned the nature and content of the videos that Baloch shared on social media platforms, there was no denying her popularity in the rather conservative country. Most of her videos – wherein more often than not the model would be in bed, wearing exposing clothes and recording provocative messages – would go viral.

What is interesting is that browsing her official Facebook, Baloch’s videos aside, or even along with them, the model talks about the feminist fight to break stereotypes and the need for women to have the right to do and say whatever they want without encountering censure from society. One such video was a podcast that Baloch shared on her Facebook page on July 4, which talks about her as an Internet sensation and the social contrast she represents that currently exists in Pakistan. On the one hand, there was a huge demand for her Facebook page to be banned, on the other she was regularly invited on prime time television shows.

“Atleast international media can see what i am upto. How i am trying to change the typical orthodox mindset of people who don’t wanna come out of their shells of false beliefs and old practices.
Here this one is for those people only.
Thankyou my believers and supporters for understanding the message i try to convey through my bold posts and videos. It’s time to bring a change because the world is changing. let’s open our minds and live in present. ??
?#?QandeelBaloch? ?#?TheSensation? ?#?BBC? ?#?BBCUK? ?#?Podcast?”

2 responses to “Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother in the name of ‘honour’ #pakistan”

  1. How tragic! In a patriarchal society, it’s difficult to change the pervading mindset regarding a woman’s place in society. It will take generations of struggle to bring about meaningful change in the status of women.

    The circumstances surrounding her death brings to mind my Haiku poem “Changing Times” – inspired by the poem “The Clock” by Brazilian poet Joao Cabral de Melo Neto, featured on my Poetry Corner January 2014.

    Caged by fixed doctrines
    rejecting changes in norms.
    Time an enemy.

  2. […] death quandeel baloch has gone global with the little i know about the madmen running these backwardass zones i just […]

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