barry dataram & the disappearing rabbits of the guyana cocaine trade

a short explanation that may seem like conspiracy mixed up with charade
with a dash of political theatrical fraud

a self confessed cocaine dealer said that the chief drug enforcement officer of all the land is a cocaine dealer and a scamp
all hell break loose for a hot minute as per the norm in Guyana
the minister of public security acting on the presumption of innocence did his best drunk man i

“We were all there at the (National Security) Committee and we decided that , yes, once there is this allegation, whether it comes from a criminal, let’s have the committee….It is my view that, yes, CANU will be exonerated but, of course, let’s hear because off course I act on the presumption of innocence,” said Ramjattan, a lawyer by profession.

the govt of the day calls for another commission of inquiry
a one man commission of inquiry headed by by colonel bruce lovell
lovell handed over his report today to colonel joseph harmon
former head of army intelligence and a senior man to lovell
harmon served under brigadier david granger now president
brigadier granger handed over the army to joe singh once his services were no longer needed
joe singh is a big mover and shaker in the granger govt
the chief drug enforcement officer is the son of joe singh

keep your eyes wide open
barry dataram and what white rabbit about to disappear into a black hole any second now
just like majic
now you see it
now you dont

change has come to guyana
run tell dat

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