michelle obama promoting genetically modified food for children with monsanto

big negroes will free you of your mind
while understanding the psychological boost many african people get from seeing the obamas in the white house built by black slaves
i’ve never supported Obomber or his placement into the bright lights because i see him as just another imperial soldier boy wreaking havoc on the planet
the fact that he is african serves the empire well cause the face leading the charge does well on the PR side cause when Obomber comes to Libya with bombs of freedom, many african people tongue get tied
cause the assumption is, he loves his black people and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt them
the assumption is obviously wrong, but is like the white jesus on the wall

michelle obama is a special case and i’ll leave that at that
but her little vegetable gardening sent shock waves through the shitstem and from what i hear she is a workout keeping fit freak
and that’s lovely

but just when you think michelle was doing this because she love fresh, home grown organic food and the like
after they’ve softened up the populace just right, the real message is flashed on the telescreen
Monsanto will spend $50 million over 5 years on a campaign to market ‘healthy’ genetically customized food to children.

“When I see a firm like Monsanto release a campaign like this, I feel a lot more enthusiastic compared to ever previously,” stated the First Lady. “We can boost just how we make and market food in this nation.”
” It’s an all-natural expansion of exactly what we do,” Monsanto vice president, Michael Stern, informed the AP of the brand-new collaboration with the first lady.

michelle has never felt this enthusiastic about anything and she is about to poison millions of children
don’t ever feel because someone went to harvard law and came from humble beginnings they cant be out of their fucking minds.

it’s an all natural expansion. barack dropping bombs and signing assassination orders and michelle enthusiastically marketing gmo food to your children.

they embody all the false hopes and distorted dreams of millions
but make no mistake about it
they have no qualms pulling the trigger
that’s their role
that’s their purpose
and that’s why they are where they are

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