PPP agents are slaughtering their supporters with ignorance

these were/are my original thoughts

and as modified for the newspaper editor today

Dear Editor,
The last time I was in Essequibo I was treated to some comic relief by the actions of some PPP agents. It was the day of local government elections and the word on the street was if the PPP won 60% of the districts or more, President Granger would have to step down and Bharrat Jagdeo would be president again.
I am a Director on the CH&PA Board and was back in Essequibo again yesterday as part of a team meeting members of the public in Lima Sands and Onderneeming. Most of the persons gathered said they are supporters of the current APNU AFC government and I was a bit taken aback by the overt appeals to “our president” and “our government.”
As the outreach progressed I would learn why those gathered openly spoke more about their political affairs than their issues as it relates to CH&PA.

An agent provocateur of the PPP Rosalind Thompson and others in the Essequibo area knew in advance that this team was coming as it was publicly announced. So as to create mischief and spread political propaganda, Thompson and others contacted their “supporters” and told them not to attend the outreach as it was a PNC thing. But the message did not only reach their “supporters”
Sir, it’s unfortunate that senior members of the PPP, still reeling from May 11, are using every opportunity to spread mischief and mislead their ‘supporters.’ As was reported in the press, they also had their own Enmore Martyrs commemoration and Flag raising ceremony after the staged walk out.
Housing and housing related matters affect all Guyanese and the PPP does not have land to allocate to its supporters. While land was allocated by the party in the past to friends and supporters, it was never the party’s land to give in the first place. The staff from CH&PA is currently unraveling many puzzles, including cases where a single house lot was sold to multiple persons.
Housing matters on the Essequibo Coast are once again being administered by staff of Central Housing and Planning Authority and not PPP officials. Rosalind Thompson other senior PPP members and others in high places on the Essequibo Coast have already allocated to themselves vast tracts of state land. It’s most pathetic that they would lead their “supporters” astray and deny them service and opportunities.
The historical record will show that the PPP does not have the best interest of Guyanese at heart. These same party apparatchiks never get weary braying that they are disciples of Cheddi Jagan while preaching hate, spreading mischief and engaging in illegal activities.
Does anyone in Guyana still believe the PPP of 2016 are disciples of Cheddi Jagan?
Mark Jacobs

2 responses to “PPP agents are slaughtering their supporters with ignorance”

  1. Is there going to be any witch-hunting to re-possess state land that was issued by the PPP Party.

    1. you ask a strange question 🙂
      any repossession would mean the law was not followed or somewhere along the line the beneficiaries broke the law
      am sure there will be repossessions but president granger did say no witch hunting

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