Kenya’s Politics of Crises and Forgetting… Oh, How Familiar This Sounds!

negroe misleaders are not defined bu geographical boundaries

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Are you feeling cynical, even bitter about our politics? Then you will enjoy reading this, because you will realize we are not alone. We can always find a parallel in a post-colonial society such as Kenya. This sharp commentary comes from a great Kenyan political blogger and cartoonist, Patrick Gathara. I find his blog extremely well written, and endlessly fascinating – partly because his posts often remind me so much of Jamaica, it’s uncanny. His blog is called Gathara’s World. There is no “reblog” on, so I have copied and pasted it – but do look up 

Of course, some details of this commentary relate strictly to Kenya…but doesn’t the underlying premise sound, well…familiar? [Note: Madaraka Day commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule in 1963, preceding full independence from the United Kingdom on 12 December 1963 – a few months after Jamaica].

“Crises and forgetting” –…

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2 responses to “Kenya’s Politics of Crises and Forgetting… Oh, How Familiar This Sounds!”

  1. Thank you for the reblog! The part that resonated with me is that despite the rhetoric, they are actually buddies and all went to the same schools etc. So they arrange things for themselves. And the people…?

    1. the people are lost in the shuffle of the deck

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