I am a Frenchman says the black

listening to a black youth with Guyana parents proclaim I am a Frenchman
sad and tragically hilarious
but the devil methods working even when he is not
remember me of the Liberian who wanted so bad to be French
he left suriname and came to Guyana with no passport

the Guyanese customs man let him out the country with a smile
doan worry wide he man he is a regular we know he
on the boat halfway cross the corentyne he proclaimed his French
but in his everything he oozed west Africa. he was anything but French of that I was certain
but I let it slide
French turned to Liberian at the first police check point in nikerie
on the way to parimaribo we had a lovely discourse about Liberia & Africa
French never made a mention again
the youth flexed his muscles and shouted
we don’t like people like you who come to France take our money and don’t want to be French!

let them eat cake Marie Antoinette
the last time I came to France Guyana I watched some black youths wave le tricolor and shout le marseille to exhaustion for their France
It was a bizarre sight

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