Raphael Trotman had no idea he owed $554,850 to NIS! #guyana remembering

the other night i was reading the latest episode of lawlessness & corruption gone unpunished in guyana
stabroek news as well naturally picked up on it
well like magique today the minister & oil tycoon in the making paid something off his $554,850
it’s all a collision of coincidences
let’s hold our breath as charles ramson, anil nandlall & pauline 2.1 million dental job sukhai do the right thing as they as so accustomed to doing

Minister of Natural Resources, The Honourable Raphael Trotman was this morning taken aback by an article which appeared in today’s edition of the Stabroek News, headlined “NIS owed over $2.5b in contributions – Raphael Trotman, Anil Nandlall, Pauline Sukhai listed among defaulters”.

Minister Trotman was not aware that he had been in default and this morning met with a representative of the National Insurance Scheme to clarify the matter.

Minister Trotman was advised that the matter does not relate to remitting NIS contributions for any staff member of his, but rather, pertain to his personal contributions whilst he was in law practice.

Further verifications are to be conducted. However, Minister Trotman immediately made a payment and upon completion of the verification there is expected to be an offset.

Minister Trotman has always complied with the legal requirements and ensured that contributions for his staff at his legal practice have been duly paid.

Minister Trotman thanks the media for their vigilance in reportage and encourages journalists and editors, in the interest of right of reply and balance, to seek clarification on matters such as this, prior to publication. Minister Trotman and his office continue to make themselves available to the media for information and clarification on any issue relating to the minister and the ministry.

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