comments on the 50 year joob celebrations in guyana

I think this whole joob business is foolishness
but I’d love to hear from my fellow proles on it
don’t let my views cloud your parade
fire away

One response to “comments on the 50 year joob celebrations in guyana”

  1. Milestones are important. For a young nation, fifty years is a big deal. It should be a time to take stock of progress made, of lessons to be learned from failed policies, of those left behind or forgotten, of action to be taken in moving forward towards the next milestone.

    The vision of the newborn independent nation was grand: One people, One nation, One destiny. As an adolescent at the time, I was fired up with enthusiasm and hope in contributing towards that vision. I suffered my own disillusion.

    Grand dreams are not easily achieved. They are noble guideposts for the people, something to strive towards. Along the way, the Guyanese people have stumbled and often lost direction. Courageous citizens have stepped forward to risk and even lose their lives in order to change the nation’s course back towards that noble vision of a united nation. Those are the lives that should be celebrated on this jubilee.

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