Guyana govt tricking young girls with mass HPV campaign – Dr. Norton now a true believer

having failed miserably before, the new Guyana govt is pushing this foolishness again
PAHO/WHO Guyana Representative Dr William Adu-Krow is the local hitman on the ground for big pharma & our saviours

but dr. norton should know better and stop drinking PAHO/WHO kool aid
all of a sudden dr. norton is a true believer in HPV. why? what did they do to you docteur? as an educated man, as an amerindian!, i know you know about destroying populations via vaccines & medicines. 

on a personal note, some jokers from the ministry of health came to my village one time and said everyone must take a SARS or aviation flu vaccine. one uh dem
i needed a yellow fever one to travel and went to them
lady says to me oh you have to take this one too
am like hello, i want a yellow fever vaccination only
she says what is you problem everyone taking it
i said that is exactly my problem. why is everyone taking it?
who is you?
who is me what’s in that vaccine? what is it for
it didnt go down nicely after that. all hell broke loose but i got my yellow fever and left
they were glad to see me gone because others gathered were beginning to panic taking whatever it is they claim to have had in that little dosage

read on and you will see that the good doctor is quite hypocritical in his new stance as no new information has surfaced to show that HPV is not a useless money making ploy and probably another population control measure of our great white friends
and if you think they cant wont or havent dont that before
you are a dreamer

With keen focus on raising awareness about the vaccine to guard against the Human Papillomarvirus (HPV) and dispelling myths linked to the vaccine, health facilities within Region Three are ready to commence observance of Vaccination Week 2016.
Vaccination Week, which began yesterday and will continue until Saturday April 30, is being observed under the theme ‘Go for the Gold – get vaccinated’.
Region Three launched its observance on Friday at the Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling tarmac. The main targets at the forum were girls between the ages of 10 and 13. Those in attendance were exposed to an informative presentation on HPV by General Medical Officer (GMO), Dr. Candida Smartt.
According to Region Three’s Senior Health Visitor, Nurse Linda Johnson, part of the Region’s week-long observance will be characterised by collaboration with the Parent-Teacher Associations, as well as the doctors and nurses within the Region, in the quest to clarify the myths and issues related to HPV vaccination.

Concerns about the HPV vaccine were raised when it was first introduced by the Ministry of Public Health a few years ago. However, the introduction of the vaccine was intended to help curb the prevalence of cervical cancer[really?], since based on information from the Ministry of Public Health, Guyana has the third highest rate of cervical cancer in the Western hemisphere.
Reflecting on the start of the local HPV vaccination drive a few years ago, Nurse Johnson admitted that there were a number of setbacks. She cited for example, the fact that “a lot of people were going on the internet and finding all kinds of information, some of which were not doing us any good. We had a lot of roadblocks when we started and we didn’t have much vaccines administered.” [nurse johnson is against you checking things out for yourself]
Nurse Johnson related that “now that we have enough vaccines, all of the girls in the age group can have their doses.”
Moreover, Nurse Johnson as the coordinator of Region Three’s week of activities saw it as an opportunity to address the controversies regarding the HPV vaccine, since according to her “we want to do much more on it. So we took on a strategy that we are going to engage the GMOs along with the nurses to meet with the PTA body of the school, do lectures on HPV, and be opened to questions.”

“We had some of those sessions already at schools and it was very productive, because we have started vaccinating. We have done hundreds of vaccines, so we will be continuing next (this) week…so it is a success so far,” said Nurse Johnson as she pointed out that “we want the public to know more about HPV.”
Recently about 350 girls in Region Three were able to get their first dose of the vaccine but, according Nurse Johnson, just over 100 have already received all three of the requisite doses.

having read that this devious tactic of tackling parents and PTAs. let’s look at the hypocricy of cr. norton. this is him speaking as shadow minister of health four years ago

APNU urges more public education on HPV vaccine

Concerns that girls vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) would not safeguard themselves during sexual intercourse, against other sexually transmitted diseases, owing to inadequate public education about the vaccine, were raised last Tuesday in the National Assembly.
According to A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament, Dr. George Norton, “Lack of proper public education about this vaccine can cause persons to believe that the vaccine protects them from other STDs and they will not use the appropriate protection or get the necessary testing to safeguard themselves.”
Dr. Norton in his presentation said there are serious issues with regards to this vaccine and the vaccination campaign, which was launched on January 10 at East La Penitence Health Centre.
The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine was introduced to arrest the potential impact of women contracting cervical cancer.
According to Dr. Norton, the Health Ministry should provide the Guyanese public with sufficient information so that they could weigh the risks and benefits associated with the vaccine.
“This must be done, even if it means taking up the offer made by Dr. Chowdhury, Dean of the Greenheart Medical University here in Georgetown, who said he is prepared to work with the Ministry of Health to educate the nation.”
He noted that the Director of Maternal and Child Health had related that from since 2001, the Ministry began information-sharing and discussions with parents and guardians of the targeted schools.
“But the questions are asked.What kind of information has been provided? Has prior and informed consent been sought? When and where were public discussions held?”
The introduction of this vaccine was picketed by a number of women, including a vibrant non-governmental orrganization, to halt the campaign. However, their calls were not heeded.
Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, called the group “a political fringe masquerading as an NGO”.
Dr. Norton enlightened that there are some who believe that the vaccination is unnecessary and could be dangerous to life and are openly opposed to its use in Guyana. It was suggested that the Ministry should promote preventative measures that take into account nutrition and socioeconomic conditions and lifestyles.
However, Dr. Norton’s comments did not go down well with Government’s side of the House.

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