Food for the Poor Guyana staff stealing the good junk

i have some of me own views on food for the poor and the charitable industrial poverty enhancement industry, but check out his letter
soooo menny tengs to be says heer
bout i will holt de fate in jeez

I AM one to give people and organisations chances, but there comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Food for the Poor has been known to have issues in regard to items they give out to the public. What is the sense in giving persons items which cannot be used?
Time and time again, persons have been complaining about the items given to them by Food for the Poor; and yes, poor people do refuse stuff now, I presume.

In a tropical country like Guyana, why would you be giving out winter garments to groups so they can share to their members and the community? If it were a case that persons in Food for the Poor were not (presumably) biased, I won’t be writing to you at this time.
Staff members there (allegedly) take most of the best items for their own personal stuff. I can understand if you take out one or two items, but do not take out all the best and give persons things that they cannot use to wrap up a dog.
Calls to make complaints to the manager of Food for the Poor have gone unanswered. Seems as if some particular person is controlling things at the office, since every time a call is made to speak to the manager, the manager is always busy; he is either not in office, or he cannot come to the phone.
It appears as though his assistant is always the one to say, “I will see what I can do”. How is the assistant the one to decide what to put together for small organisations? Is this not what these directors are there for?
I am just one of the persons who approached this organization, and frankly, I am tired of the treatment they give persons. I close by saying that they are not showing the vision of the founder of that organisation. It is not Food for the Rich or Food for the Staff.

Food for the Poor
1999-2002 Blue Mountain Road,
Festival City, North Ruimveldt.

Tel: 592-218-1553
Fax: 592-218-1544

Food For The Poor Guyana Inc is operated by a Board of Directors as follows:
• Mr. Paul Chan-a-Sue -Chairman
• Mr. Leon L. Davis -Executive Director
• Mr. Christopher Fernandes -Director
• Mr. Ganesh Hanskumar -Director
• Mr. Sultan Rahaman -Director
• Mrs. Paulette Charles -Director
• Sis. Mary Peter Ngui -Director

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