the greed of the Muneshwar’s has no limits #guyana

the Muneshwar clan has illegally occupied and fenced off a big chunk of GOVT LAND to include a koker and canal at water and church street. but they didnt stop there, they’ve built silos and other permanent structures on this occupied territory.
zionist style
They now claim they have title to this which was stolen from the people of the country.
This illegal occupation contributes to the flooding of Georgetown but these negroes primary concern is money. so they will flood you out in the process of acquiring more filthy lucre and it looks like they have the blessings of the oil tycoon raphael trotman
but it’s good to see these negroes eyeing further riches collaborating with exxon mobil.
great job muneshwar

check out bk tiwari negroe shufflin 🙂

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