did David Granger fire Bobby Vieira from Durban Park? #guyana

looks like granger slowly awakening to these dangerous negroids within his perimetre fence. the enemies within.

he seems to have seized control of Durban park from the Joe shan Lin gang
that’s Joe Harmon, Larry London and Bobby Vieira.
what is not all together clear us the status of bobby Vieira. minister Patterson from public works now in charge of delivering for may 25 but there was no mention of booby.

lost in all this is the fact that Vieira and crew procured the poor quality wood from some other Chinese criminals. that would be barama company.
the other low grade negro Clinton Williams also involved via his Guyana China business council. 

“I want to emphasise the seriousness of this. Our intention is to make [D’urban Park] the most useful, if not the most beautiful in the Caribbean, so it is not something short term. It is a symbol of nationhood… We want it to be a space that is beautiful, safe and open to the public. Safety must be assured now that it’s a national project and Minister Patterson will now take responsibility for that,” Granger said.

using Durban park as his entry point, granger has to begin the purge of his near enemies before he can wage war on his external threats.

bobby Vieira, Joe shan Lin and his new born criminal network must be suffocated.

Vieira is the visible face, but like crocodiles, many others lurking in the muck.
torch light and shotgun time David Granger. you have no other choices.

3 thoughts on “did David Granger fire Bobby Vieira from Durban Park? #guyana

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