joe harmon has no decency my guyana people #eyepass

who tell he dem nurses in linden punishing with a two burner stove?
and the gall to bring the media to take a picture of you handing over a stove
but that’s not all

We must not lose focus of what we have to do and that is to provide service to the people. Every small step we take in assisting human development is a step in developing our country. It is these baby steps that develop our country,” Minister Harmon said.

wooo hoooooo

2 responses to “joe harmon has no decency my guyana people #eyepass”

  1. […] that for irony? has a great disaster than joe harmon befallen this apnu afc govt? this negroe has no decency god works in mysterious ways though pray and get busy joe harmon, larry london & baishanlin […]

  2. […] if true, this parking metre disastre is getting moe and moe nice by the day if mind serves correct, another big one was also said to have taken his child to chinaland but that’s ancient history why would you […]

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