Counting Down to Earth Day 2016 in Jamaica (And Go Plant a Tree!)

Guyana might could learn something from Jamaica about earth day and tree planting. all that mining and logging will erase the forest at some point in the not too distant future. trust me on that

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How is our Mother Earth doing, as Earth Day appears on the horizon once more? How is Jamaica doing?

I would say our amazing planet – including our beautiful island – may be heading for the Emergency Room, before too long.  Earth Day is Friday, April 22, and there is so much to write about it is almost overwhelming.

Trees for the Earth. Trees for the Earth.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Trees for the Earth. This one is dear to my heart. We do know that trees help us to combat climate change, absorbing and storing carbon – including the mangroves that are so precious and important to our vulnerable island in so many ways. Trees clean and filter the air by absorbing the pollutants we breathe in. And almost everywhere, trees provide shade, food, energy and income. I wrote an article on agroforestry a few months ago. I would…

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One response to “Counting Down to Earth Day 2016 in Jamaica (And Go Plant a Tree!)”

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog, Mark. Believe me, deforestation is happening here too. People go into the forest, pick out the most valuable lumber trees (like cedar, etc) that are native and slow-growing and chop them down. Also slash and burn clearing for agriculture. And we have bauxite mining, too. So many threats to our forests…

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