Guyana Education Minister opposes students writing numerous CXC subjects

there’s a lunatic fringe in Guyana who revel in children writing and passing large numbers of subject
to this fringe this represents success!
am so glad the minister of education is making steps to confront this fringe

The Minister of Education first raised the issue in remarks after a Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited-sponsored Autism Awareness Walk that began and ended at the Promenade Gardens in Georgetown.

I must say that when I hear a child has passed twenty-two subjects at an examination, I have to ask myself what kind of childhood is that child having and this is why we in the ministry are placing great emphasis on what I think of as the non-academic aspects of education but which I think contribute to the making of a whole child,” he said.
The Education Minister’s concerns came even as Guyanese students are pushing to write much more than eight subjects. Demerara Waves Online News was told that a Queen’s College student is slated to write 22 CXC subjects this year. Information is that another student is already preparing to write 25 subjects in 2017.
Sources at the school have confirmed that a female student is preparing to write 22 CXC subjects, the highest number to be written in the country and the Caribbean according to available information.

see what i mean about this fringe?
who in their right minds writes 22 subjects? and preparing for 25?!!!
good lord these loonies need to be reigned in
teachers, parents and students

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