volda lawrence supporters got a big lash coming. write it down #guyana

watch dem hypocrites
they kno no love for humanity

winston harding biggest & most ardent defender

Stabroek News Editorial, March 24, 2016

Before publishing the information it had gathered, this newspaper made contact with Minister Volda Lawrence, who was in charge of the coalition’s Georgetown campaign, and also holds stewardship of the Ministry of Social Protection, which has child protection as one of its mandates. When told of the allegations that had been made against Mr Harding, including the rebranding of his campaign posters with the words “child molester”, Minister Lawrence sought to shrug it off as “a family issue.” She then said, “…If I had a brother, even if there was an accusation, this is not how I would go about helping him.”

She further said, “Do you think that [I], the minister in charge of that [social protection], would have someone like that running? Do you think that the party would expose itself like that? We are aware of the situation but he was never charged.”

Yes, Minister Lawrence was aware of the situation. In fact, according to Mr Harding’s sister, Ms Sharon Harding, Ms Lawrence visited her at her home. And when Ms Harding insisted that she was advocating for the children who had accused her brother, Ms Lawrence reportedly asked her to desist, since Mr Harding had “worked hard for the party” and needed to be rewarded.

this is their theme song


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