Khreduonkh mother of Imhotep

am not arguing with anyone anymore, let me just say egypt is still in africa. check it out
am far from an egyptologist or even an amateur beginner egyptologist
but thanks to runoko rashidi again i learnt a new one
only women can give birth so Imhotep had to come from some woman’s womb
made previous mention of him here
Imhotep performed surgeries 2500 years before hipocrates the so called ‘father of medicine’
lots of great things written about Imhotep as they should but have not run across anything yet about his mother except the mention that she was his mother
along with her son as per egyptian custom she was deified.
woman made into a god! imagine that 🙂

found a small statue of Khreduonkh here met museumn of art
am sure like me you’re shocked that she is housed in new york and not egypt, her home

Khereduankh, the mother of Imhotep in late beliefs, received divine status like her son. Typically she wears on her short rounded hairstyle the feather crown and double uraei of an Egyptian queen-like goddess, and carries a queen’s flywhisk scepter.

Around 100 years after his death Imhotep was deified (made into a god). He became the god of medicine and healing. Small temples were built in honor of him. People with injuries would sleep near his temple hoping to be healed. As a god, Imhotep was also worshiped by scribes. Scribes would offer a couple drops of water in libation to him before starting to write. Even when the Greeks took over, he was identified with another deified man called Asclepius and the Greeks continued to honor and build temples for him. This continued until the Arab invasion in North Africa in the 7th century AD. Imhotep did many things that boosted Egyptian society to amazing heights. He was the architect that changed Egyptian funeral architecture from mastabas to the phenomenal structures we today call pyramids. As a physician he healed many people and saved many lives, which after his death lead to him becoming a medicine god.

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