Marriott Guyana is a mold infested cesspool – Afro Guyanese staff subject to racism

well hell is low. guyana marriott is a scandal about to explode in this year of jubilee golden
many have rushed forth to embrace it
what world class hotel has backed up sewage system?
Xpressblogg has a series of exposes on this disastre

Xpressblogg: We have made anonymous calls to the Ministry of Health because we have to keep our jobs. We are already routinely persecuted by the Latin staff that continues to treat Guyanese like they are lesser beings, especially Afro Guyanese. Nobody has come here fromm the Ministry of Health. NO ONE. Hopefully this will get them in here because we are all exposed to the poisons of mold – staff and guests even those who just drop by to see what the place is like.
The bad thing about this is that the Chinese builder’s contract expires at the end of this month- March 2016. These builders, Shanghai Construction Group, will then hand over the mold and all of the other construction mess to the Marriott Guyana Engineering now headed by Guyanese Monty Lewis. He will be inheriting the flawed construction as well as the mold -none of which Guyanese should be responsible for fixing and if they have to they will charged more than the obscene amount the construction of this behemoth has already cost Guyanese taxpayers.
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