injustice breeds revolucion #guyana

just got a call from a lady who’s been the victim of injustice under the ppp govt
real injustice and discrimination
may 11 change the central govt but they are still being robbed and victimised by agents of the ppp
she says to me, let me tell you something, what these people do to we is not right and we have to get justice. yuh hear? we have to get what belongs to we. yuh ever hear of dat place Buxton and how dem people stand up? well i tellin you now if the govt don’t do something and get we we justice and we rights we gon have to do like the people in Buxton
jus a little lady from deep down in the back country
but she’s come to the conclusion that if she cant get it via the ballot
she will use other means

truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice
goddess maat is coming back into focus

our task is not to teach the unconscious to be conscious but to make them conscious of their unconscious behaviourkwame ture

One thought on “injustice breeds revolucion #guyana

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