to the negroids of guyana who don’t get me

am not here for you
so it’s only natural that you will never get me
don’t feel bad or left out
keep doing whatever it is you do
& be happy
may 1000 prisoners rise up
& burn down your house of horrors
let’s pray to that

totally unrelated Guyana negroe revolutionaries in the age of facebook

facebook & social media has extended the life cycle of negroe revolutionaries aka revolting negroes
before facebook, twitter and the like, you were not bombarded with the inconsequential/fluff views of negroes. i mean you just wouldn’t subject yourself to such. unless of course, you were one of them
negroe revolters are trapped in a web of foolishness. you might hear one preaching about the virtuousness of free market capitalism. never mind the negroe has no capital
negroe revolutionaries are waiting around for the perfect moment to join the blood less revolution.
create a hashtag

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