who in Guyana remembers edwin niles? tortured to death at camp st jail

more citizens die in camp street than we are made aware of
yes as much as you might not like them they are citizens
another inmate just died and we might never know his name

last december i asked the quetion
How Long Will APNU AFC Govt Remain Silent As Guyana Police Continue Murdering Citizens? which upset many of you simpleton negroids

Many Guyanese are not known for rational thinking, consistency or a clear understanding of law and order. Many more cannot differentiate what is right (by people the world over) from what’s done in Guyana (do whatever you can get away with)
there begins part of our problem

fully immersed in lawlessness, bedlam and what have you, many are no longer able to appreciate right and/or correct procedures and ways of doing things
the murder of the two suspects yesterday is a classic example. Yes i said murder dont be shocked. Murder is murder whether the killer is uniformed or not.
Some of you cant wrap your minds around that and why? Because in your Guyana view, the police cant be accused of murder if the person has a weapon, or fired it, or has a criminal record, or is a bad man et cetera et cetera. Typical warped thinking.

but let’s not dwell on the near past, let’s deal with the not so far past.

According to the sources, several soldiers and prison officers were with Niles. The sources recalled that Niles was shirtless and that his trousers and underwear were ‘hanging’ below his buttocks.
According to the sources, Niles was leaning against a wall and showed signs of having been severely injured.
“He was in a terrible state. His buttocks and shoulders were burnt,” one police officer said. According to the source, the burns on Niles’s buttocks were so severe that the skin had peeled off.
“He was bracing a wall. He could hardly stand. Every time he go to fall, they would push him to the wall.”

and you know who was one of the beasts leading this torture exercise? the one they now call deputy director of prisons Gladwin Samuels. he was promoted for his good deeds after the kangaroo courts dismissed all charges.
they sent him home this time, but in a just world he and his entire team of torturers should’ve been executed for what they did to Edwin Niles.

so Brenda Welcome-Nurse buried the broken body of her son and the walking dead of Guyana kept on dancing

you know what eddie was in camp street for? narcotics possession. that’s right, weed. eddie was convicted for marijuana possession. this is another daily Guyana bullshit i wont deal with now. locking people up for marijuana.

eddie’s death was so outrageous even the charge d’affaires at the US embassy had to write home about it

Niles, who was serving a three year sentence for narcotics possession and scheduled to be released in September 2008, was first of at least three suspicious inmate deaths since July [i’ll find the third names but here’s two nolan nobleAubrey Goodluck]

and some of you supporters of this system bestiality get upset when i say i dont want to be like you motherfuckers.
i still dont
nothing will change that
and your ignorance will never suffocate me

and i must say, i am kinda sorry that entire chamber of horrors wasn’t torched to the ground

run tell dat

“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe” ― Frantz Fanon

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