drone surveillance of a guyana gold mine

i have my position on gold and what it is masquerading as
and i must admit i did not watch this whole video cause i will never understand how this level of destruction could ever be classified as progress
watching this is painful to me

4 responses to “drone surveillance of a guyana gold mine”

  1. Who sent the drone? The Guyanese government? I guess we better not pee in out back yards because drones might be capturing us. Lol!

    1. yea kinda sorta. they have a mining school now and this is part of the ‘training’

  2. Reblogged this on freedombyanymeans and commented:
    tears. and this doesn’t even show all the other devastation- the pollution of the waterways, etc.. pragress aka devolution. apocalypse now

  3. It’s the price of progress.

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